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Tecklearn’s SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo includes the following Courses: • SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Training and Certification • SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Training and Certification This SAP Combo Training Course includes SAP S/4HANA Logistics 1909 which is also known as SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management which includes all the modules not only the Finance but also the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are available as a part of SAP S4 HANA as a product and enterprise management is the complete business street. In SAP S4 Simple Finance 1909 and SAP FICO…...

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Why you take this Combo Training?

The Average salary of SAP Consultant is $110,250 per annum –

S4 is a new tool to come from SAP HANA stables that can help simplify the domains of logistics, enterprise resource management, supply chain management, and more. Worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market to grow to $22.8 billion in next 2 years – Gartner.

The average salary of an entry-level SAP FICO Consultant in the US is about $83,974 per annum. Based on experience, this salary might rise to $118,000 per annum.


• Architecture overview of SAP HANA
• History of SAP
• Enterprise Architecture
• Database, Application and Presentation Layer
• Comparing row store and column store in SAP HANA
• Overview on views (Attribute, Analytic, Calculation)
• SAP HANA Modelling

• How S4 HANA benefits the business enterprises in the logistics domain
• SAP Business Suite to S4 HANA
• SAP Navigation GUI
• New User experience app SAP Flori for SAP software and applications
• Deploying S4 HANA Logistics for premise in the cloud or as a hybrid application
• Deployment options – On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid
• Why go for Simple Logistics
• SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics – Key Innovations
• ERP Model Vs S4 HANA Data Model
• SAP Simple Logistics – Main Components
• Hands On

• Transition to S4 HANA
• System Conversion
• New Implementation
• Landscape Transformation
• Hands On

• What is SAP Activate
• Why do we need SAP Activate
• SAP Activate used in which projects
• Advantages of SAP Activate
• SAP Activate – Innovations for New Implementation
• Hands On

• Master data synchronization between Business Partner (BP) to customer and vendor
• Synchronization control"]
• Customer Vendor Integration (CVI)
• Implementation/Migration from ECC to S4 HANA
• Converting Customers/ Vendors into BP and Conversion Process & Tools, and Conversion Cockpit.
• Configuring BP role
• Configuration of number range and grouping
• Defining account group
• Hands On

• Introduction to SAP Fiori UX
• SAP Flori Launchpad
• UI Theme Designer
• Innovations in Fiori for different modules
• Generate new tiles for a custom/ standard tcode
• Creating new catalogue, group & roles
• Hands On

• Sales Documents (customizing)
• Billing process and Customizing, Smart Business
• Basic Functions (customizing), Pricing and condition technique.
• Sales process, Shipping Process and Customizing, Availability Check, Organizational Structures, Cross-functional Customizing, Master Data
• Hands On

• Prerequisite of output management
• Configuration of new output management
o Manage application object type application
o Define output type
o Define business rule for output determination
o Assign output channels
o Define rules for determination of master form template
o Assign form template

• MRP_Live configuration prerequisite
• Number range configuration for MRP_Live
• Set Up and Creation of planning file entries
• Planning Execution for Material Requirements
• Concept of Requirements Planning and its Technical Processes
• Processing and Assessment of MRP Results
• Additional Processes in MRP
• Simplification of MRP from storage location to MRP area level

• Overview of New Functionalities in SAP Simple Logistics
• Overview of SAP Flori Apps related to Logistics/Supply Chain
• Architectural Changes for Product Master and Supplier Information
• Architectural Changes / Configurations related to Sourcing and Procurement
• Architectural Changes / Configurations related to Supply Chain
• Architectural Changes / Configurations related to Manufacturing
• Architectural Changes / Configurations related to Sales

• Activate methodology for data migration
• Guided configuration
• Maintenance planner
• ABAP Test Cockpit
• Adaption note for adapting custom development
• Data migration cockpit for new fresh implementation
• New field adding in report
• Synchronization between BP to customer or Vendor,
• Migration of credit management, Migration of material ledger, migration of documented credited decision

• Configuring standard Flori apps
• Order to Cash Performance monitoring
• SAP S4 on premise
• Integrating SAP S4 HANA with Design Studio

• Basic HANA introduction
• SAP’s Big thing
• SAP S4 Hana next generation business suite
• On Premise edition and Cloud edition
• S4 HANA simplifier of enterprise software
• Functional scope
• Roadmap
• SAP Hana History
• ECC and ERP Concepts
• Profitability
• Different types of tables
• Green Field Implementation
• Transformation of SAP to different Version of HANA

• Customer Program
• Quota Management
• Rationalization
• Profit Center
• New GL Concept
• WorkCenter and RECIPE
• Column Based reading
• Company Code
• Production Order
• Cost of Activity
• Cost of Production

• Rationalization

• General Table Display
• Document number, Company Code, Fiscal Year
• Asset Accounting
• Cost Center
• Cost element
• Profitability segment
• Sales and Distribution
• Type of accounting
• Central finance
• Credit Control area

• Creation of new company codes
• Defining business area
• Functional area
• Profit Center
• Product hierarchy
• Profit center finalization and profit center dissension
• Financial accounting organizational structure
• Group Currency

• Controlling organisation structure
• Current and valuation profile
• Controlling area
• Operating Concern
• Financial accounting global setting
• Ledgers
• Currency Types
• Legal View

• Fiscal year
• Shortened fiscal year
• Purchase to pay
• Order to cash
• Goods receipts
• Invoice

• Upgrade and migrate
• S4 HANA component
• Deployment of SAP HANA
• SAP HANA Database migration
• Replicate to central finance
• Fiori
• Simplified data model in finance
• Avoid redundancy
• Data footprint

• Account before simple finance
• Finance implication
• COPA revenue
• COPA cost
• Revenue
• The new architecture with simple finance
• Cost element
• Simple IT with SAP simple finance architecture
• GL account and cost element details

• Material ledger
• Prima Nota in simple finance
• Mr21 and Mr22
• Multi-dimensional income statement
• Merge of account
• GL Account
• Customer account
• System work through
• Header table
• Transaction code and parameter
• TSRC table
• FI/CO document
• Variant related program
• Difference between Tcode and program

• Tax in SAP
• Direct and Indirect Tax
• Account
• Document Type in SAP Fi
• Posting Key
• Purchase order
• Checking controlling area and company code object

• Cost objects
• Cost Management & Profitability Analysis
• Checking scrapping document
• What is scrapping means

• Material Vs Asset
• Receipts and consumption
• Material price analysis
• Two type of consumption
• Cost center
• Material price analysis
• Changing cost components splits of a material

• SAP Hana Implementation
• G/L Account
• Cost Object
• Revenue collector
• Asset accounting
• HANA road map
• Standard optimized transaction
• Service order
• Consignment
• Fault part return
• Accrual Management
• What is underlined process
• How finance support other modules
• Positive post to order and negative post to order
• Go-live and post migration activities
• KPI with HANA
• Monitor business performance
• Accrual entry
• Pricing procedure
• Expense and revenue account

• Over absorption and under absorption
• Types of cycle
• SAP treasury and risk management
• Functional changes in HANA

• Project system
• Data archiving
• Profit center
• Reconciliation issue
• Migration to S4 Hana
• Enablement of SAP S4 Hana
• Implementing new G/L
• Document Splitting
• Parallel accounting

• Replication to central finance
• Non ECC system
• Central finance mapping
• Type of deployment

• Preparation phase
• Feasibility check
• Check Size
• Active business function
• Parallel valuation
• Depreciation calculation
• Consistency check
• Customizing
• Data migration
• Post migration
• Testing
• Preparation phase
• Important SAP notes
• Scope – ABAP
• Active business function
• FI consistency check

• Reconciliation of general ledger and account payable
• Reconciliation of the general ledger with materials management
• Reconciliation of the ledgers
• Ledger Comparison
• Consistency check
• Migration of general ledger settings
• Defining setting for the journal entry ledger

• Document types for Co
• Real time reconciliation
• Execute consistency check of general ledger setting
• Data migration
• Universal journal entry table
• Management accounting
• Migrate secondary cost elements to the card of accounts
• Migration of cost elements to G/L account
• Automatic account determination

• Automatic determination of the account
• Material valuation
• Migrate default account assignments

• Reconcile transnational data
• Types of reconcile
• Enrichment of data
• Migration of line items into new data structure
• Universal journal entry structure

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  • Interactive Sessions as good as Classroom experience.
  • Learn end to end course content that is similar to instructor led virtual/classroom training.
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Course Description

SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Training and Certification

SAP S4 HANA Logistics 1909 is a one stop solution for new-age Material Management, Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, as well as sales and distribution of organizations with medium to large infrastructure. SAP S/4HANA Logistics is also known as SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management which includes all the modules not only the Finance but also the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are available as a part of SAP S4 HANA as a product and enterprise management is the complete business street. SAP S4 HANA Logistics uses the data processing ability of S4 HANA to provide simpler, faster and more efficient approaches to logistics and supply chain problems.

What you will Learn in this Course?

  • Overview of SAP and SAP HANA
  • Introduction to S4 HANA Logistics
  • SAP S4 HANA Implementation Scenarios
  • Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology
  • Business Partner and Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) on SAP S4 HANA
  • SAP Fiori Apps
  • Sales on SAP S4 HANA
  • Output management on SAP S4 HANA
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) on SAP S4 HANA
  • Changes in SAP Simple Logistics Process:
  • Data Migration to SAP S4 HANA
  • SAP S4 HANA Logistics Implementation Projects
  • Preparing for the SAP Certified Application Associate – for Logistics (SAP S/4HANA 1909) exam.
SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Training and Certification

This SAP S4 Simple Finance 1909 and SAP FICO training course, you will learn various aspects of financial planning, accounting management, and enterprise risk. As part of this training, you will also learn SAP Fiori to work with real-time analytics, prediction, and simulation for all financial and operational data through hands-on projects. SAP S4 HANA Central Finance allows you to establish a Central Reporting Platform for FICO with the option of creating a common reporting structure. Additionally, selected financial processes can be executed centrally in this system. To prepare common reporting structures, you can map your different accounting entities (for example, account, profit centre, or cost centre) in your source systems to one common set of master data in the central system. You can then replicate Financial Accounting and Management Accounting postings to your Central Finance system.

What you will Learn in this Course?

  • Understand the use cases of SAP Central Finance
  • SAP Fiori fitting into the context
  • Controlling profitability analysis (CO-PA) in SAP
  • Universal Journal in SAP S4 HANA
  • General ledger accounting with S4 HANA
  • Integrating material management and accounting
  • Complete business planning with S4 HANA Finance
  • Explain the concept and architecture of Central Finance
  • Scope the main requirements in the SAP Central Finance project
  • Preparing for the SAP C_TS4FI_1909 and C_TS4CO_1909 exam.

Key Features

Self-Paced Online Video

• Self-paced Videos: 72 Hrs
• Exercises & Project Work: 104 Hrs
• A 360-degree learning approach that you can adapt to your learning style

1 Year Unlimited Access

You get 1 Year unlimited access to LMS where presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings are there.

24 x 7 Expert Support

We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through ticket-based tracking system


Successfully complete your course and Tecklearn will provide you Course Completion Certificate.

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance concepts.

Learn at your Convenience

• Certification and Job Assistance
• Flexible Schedule


SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo

Raghu Suri

The material is exciting and structured. The animation in the lectures is very helpful and useful. The lecture notes are also outstanding. T... Read More

SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo

Shyam Sunder

I had registered for SAP Combo program from Tecklearn. The course content is very extensive with a lot of real-time examples which provide a... Read More

SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo

Sireesha Sagi

First of all the good thing with Tecklearn having a wide variety of courses for the last advance technologies in reasonable prices. Also goo... Read More

SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo

Kartheek Gantela

One of the best things I would say from this platform is providing high quality content with highly skilled and experienced professionals as... Read More

SAP S4 HANA Logistics and Finance Combo

Ariga Radhika


This course is designed for clearing the following Certifications:

  • SAP C_TS4FI_1909 and C_TS4CO_1909 exam conducted by SAP.
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – for Logistics (SAP S/4HANA 1909) exam conducted by SAP.

As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly. Tecklearn’s Course Completion Certificate for the courses included in this combo course will be awarded upon the completion of the course.


  • To put your knowledge on into action, you will be required to work on various industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum and help you to clear the certification exam.

FAQ Content

You will never miss a lecture at Tecklearn. Tecklearn provides recordings of each class so you can review them as needed before the next session.

Your access to the Support Team is for lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for lifetime. You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments. Moreover, the access to our 24x7 support team will be granted instantly as well. You can start learning right away.

Yes, the access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.

All the instructors at Tecklearn are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-15 years of relevant IT experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

Learning pedagogy has evolved with the advent of technology. Online training adds convenience and quality to the training module. With our 24x7 support system, our online learners will have someone to help them all the time even after the class ends. This is one of the driving factors to make sure that people achieve their end learning objective. We also provide life-time access of our updated course material to all our learners.

Tecklearn actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. We also help you with the job interview and resume preparation part as well.
  • 20,999.00
  • 10 years, 1 month
  • Course Certificate

Course Curriculum

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