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Tecklearn’s Java and Python Training Combo Course includes the following Courses: • Python with Data Science • Java and JEE Training This Combo Training Course includes comprehensive knowledge on basic and advanced concepts of core Java & J2EE along with popular frameworks like Hibernate, Spring & SOA. In this course, you will gain expertise in concepts like Java Array, Java OOPs, Java Function, Java Loops, Java Collections, Java Thread, Java Servlet, and Web Services using industry use-cases and master important Python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, object-oriented programming and various Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib…...

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Why you take this Combo Training?

Java developers are in great demand in the job market. With average pay going between $90,000/- to $120,000/- depending on your experience and the employers.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the software world. Rated #1 in TIOBE Popular programming languages index (15th Consecutive Year)

Average salary of Python Certified Developer is $123,656 per annum -


• Define Python
• Understand the need for Programming
• Know why to choose Python over other languages
• Setup Python environment
• Understand Various Python concepts – Variables, Data Types Operators, Conditional Statements and Loops
• Illustrate String formatting
• Understand Command Line Parameters and Flow control

• Python installation
• Windows, Mac & Linux distribution for Anaconda Python
• Deploying Python IDE
• Basic Python commands, data types, variables, keywords and more

• Looping in Python
• Data Structures: List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
• First Python program
• Write a Python Function (with and without parameters)
• Create a member function and a variable
• Tuple
• Dictionary
• Set and Frozen Set
• Lambda function

• Object-Oriented Concepts

• Standard Libraries
• Modules Used in Python (OS, Sys, Date and Time etc.)
• The Import statements
• Module search path
• Package installation ways
• Errors and Exception Handling
• Handling multiple exceptions

• Introduction to arrays and matrices
• Indexing of array, datatypes, broadcasting of array math
• Standard deviation, Conditional probability
• Correlation and covariance
• NumPy Exercise Solution

• Pandas for data analysis and machine learning
• Pandas for data analysis and machine learning Continued
• Time series analysis
• Linear regression
• Logistic Regression
• ROC Curve
• Neural Network Implementation
• K Means Clustering Method

• Matplotlib library
• Grids, axes, plots
• Markers, colours, fonts and styling
• Types of plots - bar graphs, pie charts, histograms
• Contour plots

• Perform function manipulations on Data objects
• Perform Concatenation, Merging and Joining on DataFrames
• Iterate through DataFrames
• Explore Datasets and extract insights from it

• What is natural language processing, working with NLP on text data
• Scikit-Learn for Natural Language Processing
• The Scikit-Learn machine learning algorithms
• Sentimental Analysis – Twitter

• Deploying Python coding for MapReduce jobs on Hadoop framework.
• Python for Apache Spark coding
• Deploying Spark code with Python
• Machine learning library of Spark MLlib
• Deploying Spark MLlib for Classification, Clustering and Regression

• Java Fundamentals
• Introduction to Java Basics
• Features of Java
• Various components of Java language
• Benefits of Java over other programming languages
• Key Benefits of Java

• Installation of Java
• Setting up of Eclipse IDE
• Components of Java Program
• Editors and IDEs used for Java Programming
• Writing a Simple Java Program

• Data types, Operations, Compilation process, Class files, Loops, Conditions
• Using Loop Constructs
• Arrays- Single Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional
• Functions
• Functions with Arguments

• Object Oriented Programming in Java
• Implement classes and objects in Java
• Create Class Constructors
• Overload Constructors
• Inheritance
• Inherit Classes and create sub-classes
• Implement abstract classes and methods
• Use static keyword
• Implement Interfaces and use it

• Concept of Static and Run time Polymorphism
• Function Overloading
• String Handling –String Class
• Java Packages

• Exception handling
• Various Types of Exception Handling
• Introduction to multi-threading in Java
• Extending the thread class
• Synchronizing the thread

• Input Output Streams
• Package
• File Handling in Java

• Wrapper Classes and Inner Classes: Integer, Character, Boolean, Float etc
• Applet Programs: How to write UI programs with Applet, Java.lang,, Java.util
• Collections: ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, TreeSet, HashMap, HashTable

• Introduction to SQL: Connect, Insert, Update, Delete, Select
• Introduction to JDBC and Architecture of JDBC
• Insert/Update/Delete/Select Operations using JDBC
• Batch Processing Transaction
• Management: Commit and Rollback

• Introduction to J2EE
• Client Server architecture
• URL, Port Number, Request, Response
• Need for servlets
• Servlet fundamentals
• Setting up a web project in Eclipse
• Configuring and running the web app with servlets
• GET and POST request in web application with demo
• Servlet lifecycle
• Servlets Continued
• Session tracking and filter
• Forward and include Servlet request dispatchers

• Fundamentals of Java Server Page
• Writing a code using JSP
• The architecture of JSP
• JSP Continued
• JSP elements: Scriptlets, expressions, declaration
• JSP standard actions
• JSP directives
• Introduction to JavaBeans
• ServletConfig and ServletContext
• Servlet Chaining
• Cookies Management
• Session Management

• Introduction to Hibernate
• Introduction to ORM
• ORM features
• Hibernate as an ORM framework
• Hibernate features
• Setting up a project with Hibernate framework
• Basic APIs needed to do CRUD operations with Hibernate
• Hibernate Architecture

• POJO (Plain Old Java Object)
• Persistent Objects
• Lifecycle of Persistent Object

• Introduction to Spring
• Spring Fundamentals
• Advanced Spring

Training Option

Self-Paced Learning


  • Learn at your convenient time and pace
  • Gain on-the-job kind of learning experience through high quality Videos built by industry experts.
  • Interactive Sessions as good as Classroom experience.
  • Learn end to end course content that is similar to instructor led virtual/classroom training.
  • Cost Effective as well as Convenient.

Blended Learning

  • Everything in Self-Paced Plus
  • Learn in an instructor-led online training class
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Corporate Training

Customized to your team’s needs

  • Customized learning delivery model (self-paced and/or instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade learning management system (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24×7 learner assistance and support
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Course Description

Python with Data Science

Python for Data Analytics training lets you master the concepts of the widely used and powerful programming language, Python. This Python Course will also help you master important Python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, object-oriented programming and various Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib which are essential for Data Science. You will work on real-world projects in the domain of Python and apply it for various domains of Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning.


What you will Learn in this Course?

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Python language Basic Constructs
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in Python
  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Data Visualisation and Data Manipulation
  • Scikit-Learn for Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Python for Big Data Hadoop
Java and JEE Training

This Splunk Developer and Admin training covers all aspects of Splunk development and Splunk administration from basic to expert level. As part of this Splunk course, you will work on searching, sharing, saving Splunk results, creating tags, generating reports and charts, installing and configuring Splunk, monitoring, scaling and indexing large volumes of searches and analysing it using the Splunk tool.


  • Splunk Development Operations Engineer can pocket home salaries of upto $148,590.
  • 13,000+ customers in over 110 countries are already using Splunk to gain operational intelligence & reduce operational cost.
  • IDC predicts by 2020, world will be home to 40 trillion GB data. The demand to process this data is higher than ever.

What you will Learn in this Course?

  • Introduction to Splunk architecture
  • Installation and configuration of the Splunk tool
  • Splunk search, cloud and log management
  • Deploying Splunk visualization, reports and charts
  • Managing users and indexes on Splunk
  • Splunk data analysis, calculation and format
  • Splunk Development Concepts
  • Splunk Search Processing Language
  • Splunk Reports and Visualizations

Key Features

Self-Paced Online Video

• Self-paced Videos: 70 Hrs
• Exercises & Project Work: 126 Hrs
• A 360-degree learning approach that you can adapt to your learning style

1 Year Unlimited Access

You get 1 Year unlimited access to LMS where presentations, quizzes, installation guide & class recordings are there.

24 x 7 Expert Support

We have 24x7 online support team to resolve all your technical queries, through ticket-based tracking system


Successfully complete your course and Tecklearn will provide you Course Completion Certificate.

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various Java and Python with Data Science concepts.

Learn at your Convenience

• Certification and Job Assistance
• Flexible Schedule


Programming Combo - Java and Python Training

Amit Goyal

Programming Combo - Java and Python Training

Lalit Kadam

Excellent curriculum and learning method online . Also appreciate for quick help and co-ordination with Tecklearn Team . Looking forward for... Read More

Programming Combo - Java and Python Training

Pankaj Saini

Very good Hands-on Programming Learning Experience. It was helpful with recorded sessions and detailed course curriculum. Covered each and e... Read More

Programming Combo - Java and Python Training

Sachin Jain

Learning has never been so easy. It is as good as a Live Class room training and comes with added advantages. You can learn at the comfort o... Read More

Programming Combo - Java and Python Training

Divya Prakash Das

I've been accepted to Python Combo program . Python fundamentals and applications using python courses are way ahead when it comes to course... Read More


This course is designed for clearing the following Certifications:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)

As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly. Tecklearn’s Course Completion Certificate for the courses included in this combo course will be awarded upon the completion of the course.


  • To put your knowledge on into action, you will be required to work on various industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum and help you to clear the certification exam.

FAQ Content

You will never miss a lecture at Tecklearn. Tecklearn provides recordings of each class so you can review them as needed before the next session.

Your access to the Support Team is for lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for lifetime. You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments. Moreover, the access to our 24x7 support team will be granted instantly as well. You can start learning right away.

Yes, the access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.

All the instructors at Tecklearn are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-15 years of relevant IT experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

Learning pedagogy has evolved with the advent of technology. Online training adds convenience and quality to the training module. With our 24x7 support system, our online learners will have someone to help them all the time even after the class ends. This is one of the driving factors to make sure that people achieve their end learning objective. We also provide life-time access of our updated course material to all our learners.

Tecklearn actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. We also help you with the job interview and resume preparation part as well.
  • 17,999.00
  • 10 years, 1 month
  • Course Certificate

Course Curriculum

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