Our leaders demonstrate the values of integrity, honesty and openness and they create a judgement-free zone and set clear agreements to help everyone succeed.


We recognize skill, knowledge and common sense. Not hierarchy. At Tecklearn, we encourage you to take ownership, to make your own decisions. We don’t have nosy managers to tell you what to do. We have leaders who are only too happy to guide you, to nurture you. But you get to unleash your creativity, to mould the system better


Our values show up in everything we do from conducting meetings to hiring new team members. It’s how we gut-check our behaviours and lead by example.


From creating an inclusive culture to ensuring we hire from a diverse range of candidates; we are committed to building a workplace of balance and belonging. We don’t care whether you are a fresher or an old hand. What matter at Tecklearn are transparency and frankness. Collaboration is key and we make sure everyone is accessible for any sort of discussion.


Learning is at the core of who we are. Our fast-paced environment and culture of learning give everyone the chance to grow and evolve.

We don’t care how you communicate, as long as you do. Everyone at Tecklearn has a voice and we want to hear it. Failure is OK but Fear of failure is not.


Tecklearn is our pledge to drive significant, lasting social impact by equipping people with essential technology skills.

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